Nokia Following Apple's Footsteps By Dropping Samsung as Component Supplier

15 February 2013, 11:48 am EST By Vamien McKalin email: Mobile & Apps

With Apple gearing up to leave Samsung in the dust, it would appear Nokia is considering the same tactic of dumping the Korean giant as a mobile device parts supplier. This is because Nokia and Samsung are bitter rivals, and who wants to put more money in the pockets of your main competitor?

Samsung is the leading mobile phone manufacturer ahead of Nokia, who sits in second place. The move to drop Samsung could not have come easily, because the company is not only the top mobile phone manufacturer, but the best in the business at churning out quality mobile phone components quickly and effectively.

Nokia's choice to kick Samsung to the curb is not solely based around competition, but thievery. A Samsung executive who was not named, explained to Reuters back in 2012 that when Samsung would obtain certain component orders from Nokia, the company would proceed to cancel the order and then out of nowhere, those same components would find their way into a Samsung phone.

According to the unknown executive:

"When you see a Samsung (certain specialized new design for) OLED phone as you surely will, you are looking at something that was stolen from Nokia."

Those are very bold allegations. If true, a lawsuit against Samsung via Nokia could be in the works, which would be a huge blow for Samsung, which is currently locked in a never-ending battle with Apple. Losing Nokia as a partner could potentially have an impact on Samsung's profit, which is never a good thing.

For now, rumors will continue to circulate until concrete evidence pops up supporting these allegations. If there's any truth to them, an announcement could be made before the end of 2013.

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