Google Hangouts

Meet by Google Hangouts Video Conference iOS App Made Available on the App Store but Removed Almost Immediately

Meet by Google Hangouts is designed to be a business-oriented version keeping employees connected.

Google Hangouts March 2, 2017

Consumer Applications That Depends on Google Hangouts API Will Be Disabled In April 2017

An update from Google Hangouts FAQ admits that they will focus on Platform’s API; this explains that any consumer app that incorporates with Google Hangouts will be shut down starting this April 2017.

Google Hangouts January 9, 2017

Google Talk (Gchat) messages reach wrong recipients – Careful what you say now

Google Talk has been sending messages to the wrong recipients, raising some serious privacy concerns.

Google Hangouts September 26, 2013

Google+ Hangouts Update Adds Remote Desktop Control

Google+ Hangouts new feature allows people to start a Hangout and video chat while troubleshooting.

Google Hangouts May 3, 2013

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