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Android Projected To Top iOS In App Store Revenue This Year

According to App Annie, Android users will spend $41 billion in total apps. compared to Apple's $41 billion

google play March 30, 2017

Ways Google Play Is Better Than Apple App Store

Here are ways in which Google Play is better than the Apple App Store.

google play January 30, 2017

Google's Instant Tethering Feature Now Available For Nexus and Pixel Devices

New reports suggest that Google Play Services 10.2 version will be releasing a new amazing feature which will make it easier for users to use mobile hotspot.

google play January 24, 2017

Russia Forces Google Play, iTunes To Delete LinkedIn

LinkedIn apps will be removed in Russia.

google play January 9, 2017

Google Play Brings Carrier Billing For Airtel & Vodafone Customers In India

Google Play Carrier Billing Partners With Airtel & Vodafone! Check this out for more details.

google play January 4, 2017

Comparisons Between Amazon Echo And Google Home: Design, Streaming and AI

The differences between the Amazon Echo and Google Home examined.

google play December 26, 2016

Google Taken Down Fake ‘Super Mario Run’ Versions In Play Store

Fake "Super Mario Run" on Play Store has been suspended by Google due the violation of Nintendo's policy.

google play December 26, 2016

Mobile game Color Switch hits 130 million downloads after 1 year on the market

Catch the atest updates on mobile apps! Mobile game Color Switch hits 130 million downloads after 1 year on the market

google play December 19, 2016

The Google Keyboard App Just Got A Makeover: Gboard Is Now Available For Android

Google just rebranded its keyboard app into Gboard.

google play December 17, 2016

Google Play's New Algorithm To Help Reduce Android Updates By 65% [VIDEO]

With Google Play's new algorithm called File-by-File patching, Android updates are reduced to 65%. This helps Android users save data and makes data cost more transparent to them. This also makes downloading, installing, and updating way faster than before.

google play December 8, 2016

Top New Android RPG Games You Should Be Playing

Are you an RPG fan who is looking for new games to play on your Android phone? Here's a list of the top five RPG android games you should try out.

google play June 2, 2016

AT&T Nexus 9 LTE comes with $100 bill credit when purchased on contract

AT&T has kicked off a neat new promotion for the Nexus 9 LTE, offering $100 bill credit when purchasing the tablet on-contract through Google Play.

google play December 15, 2014

HTC Nexus 9 LTE now available for purchase on Google Play

The LTE-flavored version of the HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet has finally gone on sale via Google Play, available now for $599.99.

google play December 13, 2014

Google confirms discontinuing Nexus 5, will still sell it through Q1 2015

Google has officially confirmed that it has discontinued production of its 2013 Nexus 5 and will continue selling the handset only through Q1 2015.

google play December 12, 2014

Google Nexus 9 now available in India via Amazon for Rs. 28,900

The Google Nexus 9 has finally gone on sale in India, albeit via Amazon, not Google Play.

google play December 11, 2014

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