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Android Projected To Top iOS In App Store Revenue This Year

According to App Annie, Android users will spend $41 billion in total apps. compared to Apple's $41 billion

Google Play Store March 30, 2017

The Latest On Google: The Play Store Has A New Free App Of The Week Section

Google has added a new section to the Play store for promoting a free application every week.

Google Play Store March 27, 2017

Google Is Going To Purge Millions Of Apps From Play Store Due To Privacy & Security Issues: How To Detect 'Zombie' Apps

Lesson 101: it is prudent to do in-depth scrutiny of reviews before downloading any app from Google Play Store because the service is apparently teeming with data-stealers masquerading as legit apps.

Google Play Store February 12, 2017

Ways Google Play Is Better Than Apple App Store

Here are ways in which Google Play is better than the Apple App Store.

Google Play Store January 30, 2017

Chromebooks 2017: Google To Bring The Google Play Store & Android Apps To All Chromebooks Launching This Year [VIDEO]

Google has finally announced that every Chromebook slated to hit the store shelves in 2017 will come with pre-installed access to the Google Play Store and will pack a slew of pre-installed Android apps.

Google Play Store January 26, 2017

Facebook And Google Are The Most Popular Apps In 2016

Facebook remains the most popular app in the year 2016

Google Play Store December 29, 2016

'Super Mario Run' Gets Listed On Google Play For Pre-Registration, Android Version Of Nintendo Game Imminent

Nintendo's hit game, "Super Mario Run" appears on the Google Play Store, but it's not available yet.

Google Play Store December 29, 2016

'Lost Journey' & 'Armpit Hero: VIP' Now Only $0.01 In The Google Play Store, Lowest Discount Yet

Google Play Store offer a very low price of $0.01 discount to a couple of android game.

Google Play Store December 28, 2016

How Signal App Can Win Against Internet Censorship

Around the world, there are countries that follow strong and stringent guidelines on internet censorships. But Open Whisper System discovered ways to circumvent it through a messaging app, Signal.

Google Play Store December 22, 2016

Super Mario Run Clones Come Pouring Into Play Store

Catch the latest updates on Super Mario Run. Clones Come Pouring Into Play Store!

Google Play Store December 20, 2016

Trillion Dollars Business of Mobile App Development

The mobile app development industry is a steadily growing business with $3.7 trillion predicted profits by the year 2020.

Google Play Store December 19, 2016

Super Mario Run For Android: Clones And Knockoff Versions Of iOS Smash Game Flood Google Play Store

Super Mario Run remains exclusive to iOS and iPhone users. With no set date for an Android release, clones and knockoff versions of the smash runner game have appeared in Google Play Store.

Google Play Store December 19, 2016

Whatsapp Beta Testing 'Quick Quotes' With An Additional Reply Arrow Button In App's Latest Android Version

TWhatsapp is beta testing its messaging application for quick quotes functionality. The reports suggest that Whatsapp has added a reply arrow button into its chat interface in order to help the users to reply to any particular message in their chats.

Google Play Store June 13, 2016

Google Play Store Surprises Android Users With Uninstall Manager That 'Intelligently' Suggests Apps To Be Deleted

Google Play store has innovated their application features by suggesting the old apps that can be deleted to save more space.

Google Play Store June 2, 2016

Nexus 5 16GB back in stock on Google Play store

The 16GB Nexus 5 has found its way back to the Google Play store, as it is now in stock with a 3-4 weeks shipping date.

Google Play Store November 19, 2013

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