Intel Core i7

AMD Ryzen To Possibly Replace Intel Core i7 in MacBook; Ryzen, What's In A Name?

The AMD Ryzen CPU is making a noise in the world of PC, one of the latest speculation about AMD's newest product is that it will allegedly replace Intel Core i7 on Apple MacBook 2017.

Intel Core i7 March 10, 2017

Acer Predator 21X Review of Specs and Features: Costly Gaming Beast Stands Out Among Other Laptops

Acer is offering a pricey laptop with gaming features which most players will fall in love with.

Intel Core i7 January 12, 2017

Samsung Notebook 9: Newly Improved With Powerful Internal Specs & Sleek Design; Lightest Laptop Weighing At Only 1.8 Pounds [VIDEO]

Samsung has enhanced and improved its Notebook 9 laptops with powerful internal specs like the Intel Kaby Lake processor. It is also considered as the lightest laptop as soon as it is officially released in the market, weighing at only 1.8lbs.

Intel Core i7 December 23, 2016

'AMD Ryzen' Release Date, Price, News & Updates [VIDEO]: Newest AMD Chipset To End Intel’s Dominance

The upcoming flagship CPU of AMD is set to end the dominance of Intel in the microprocessor development.

Intel Core i7 December 21, 2016

Samsung Notebook 9 Release Date, Specs & Update: Slim Body Outlook And Core i7 Processor Upgrade; New Laptop Better Than MacBook?

Samsung makes improvements for their Notebook 9. The Samsung Notebook 9 is designed with slim body and lightweight design. The system is also upgraded with the Core i7 processor, Skylake.

Intel Core i7 December 20, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Intel Core i3, Core i7 options launch in U.S. and Canada

Microsoft has finally launched its Surface Pro 3 models with Intel Core i3 and i7 processing options, available now in the U.S. and Canada.

Intel Core i7 August 3, 2014

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