Apple Releases The Second Beta of iOS 10.3.2 To Developers

Apple has released the second beta of the upcoming iOS 10.3.2 update to developers.

iOS April 12, 2017

Android & iOS devices Can Be Breached By Malicious Wi-Fi Networks According To Reports

Recently, a Google security researcher revealed a flaw that affects today's operating systems.

iOS April 9, 2017

Sprinkes: Microsoft's New iPhone Camera App That Can Guess Your Age

Reportedly, the tech giant has released another camera app for iPhone users.

iOS April 5, 2017

Google Calendar Finally Has an Optimized Version For The Apple iPad

Finally, Google's Calendar app is now available for the Apple iPad.

iOS March 30, 2017

Android Projected To Top iOS In App Store Revenue This Year

According to App Annie, Android users will spend $41 billion in total apps. compared to Apple's $41 billion

iOS March 30, 2017

Apple Has Acquired Workflow: A Powerful All in One Automation Tool For The iOS Platform

Apple is finalizing a deal to acquire Workflow, a tool that lets users hook together apps.

iOS March 23, 2017

'Super Mario Run' Is Finally Available For Android Devices: App Set To Launch On March 23

Finally, Android users will now be able to play "Super Mario Run."

iOS March 20, 2017

Meet by Google Hangouts Video Conference iOS App Made Available on the App Store but Removed Almost Immediately

Meet by Google Hangouts is designed to be a business-oriented version keeping employees connected.

iOS March 2, 2017

The Powerful EasilyDo Email App Is Now Available For Android

Previously exclusive for iOS email app now available on Android.

iOS February 21, 2017

'Super Mario Run' Gold Bowser Statue Now Available As Reward; Platinum Coins 101 & How To Get Gold Mario Statue

Nintendo has announced the Gold Bowser Statue's availability as a My Nintendo reward for "Super Mario Run."

iOS February 14, 2017

'Pokemon GO' Gen 2 Release Update and Features: Added Moves and Items Coming with Next Update; Could It Be Unveiled Next Month or July?

Improvements for "Pokemon GO" are anticipated by players when the Gen 2 update is released.

iOS February 10, 2017

FBI Launches Most Wanted App For iOS & Android To Track Fugitives; Get A Reward By Tipping-Off Criminals

Bounty hunters, security experts and even just conscious individuals have a new toy after the FBI launched its Most Wanted app to track down fugitives.

iOS February 9, 2017

WhatsApp Beta Allegedly Allows Edit, Revoke of Sent Text Message; Also Features Live Location Tracker

Auto corrector in text messages sometimes results to embarrassment or accidentally sending steamy insinuations to your officemate instead of your wife - WhatsApp knows the awkward scenarios about text messaging.

iOS February 7, 2017

'FallOut Shelter' Coming To Xbox One & Windows 10 PC: Game Mechanics, Overview & Xbox Play Anywhere Title

"Fallout Shelter" from Bethesda Softworks will be on the Xbox One and Windows 10 platform. The Xbox One controller support is now available for the game.

iOS February 6, 2017

'Fire Emblem Heroes' Nintendo's First Free-to-Play Mobile Game Now Available for iOS and Android

"Fire Emblem Heroes" is now available in iOS and Android!

iOS February 3, 2017

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