iOS 10 Jailbreak

iOS 10, 10.1.1 & 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks: Here Are the Roundup List This Week; BatteryLife, Onion & More!

These iOS 10, 10.1.1 & 10.2 jailbreak tweaks are mostly free on Cydia that are compatible with jailbroken iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

iOS 10 Jailbreak February 26, 2017

iOS 9 & iOS 10 Roundup List of Jailbreak Tweaks & Apps Including Pyro That Introduces New Features to Tinder

The iOS 9 and iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks will get users more excited with their iOS devices.

iOS 10 Jailbreak January 31, 2017

Pangu Delays Release Of Jailbreak For iOS 10.2 Yet Again, Todesco Releases Beta iOS 10.2 Jailbreak [Video]

iOS hacking group Pangu have delayed their jailbreaking tool yet again for iOS 10.

iOS 10 Jailbreak January 29, 2017

Pangu iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak Tool Soon? Guarantees Stability & Bug Resistance!

The upcoming iOS 10 jailbreak tool from known developers will offer stability and bug resistance.

iOS 10 Jailbreak January 22, 2017

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks: BlackKeyboardEverywhere Applies Dark Theme to Stock iOS Keyboard

The BlackKeyboardEverywhere tweak also works with iOS 9.

iOS 10 Jailbreak January 16, 2017

New iOS 10 Jailbreak Cydia Tweaks: Photicon, Apps Manager, iCleaner Pro Beta & More!

These new iOS 10 jailbreak tweak releases are free at the Cydia Store.

iOS 10 Jailbreak January 16, 2017

iOS 10 Jailbreak Update: Saving SHSH2 Blobs Is A Must; Will iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Be Released Soon? [VIDEO]

As per hacker Luca Todesco’s tweets, he is planning on making the jailbreak for iOS 10.2, however, iPhone 7 isn’t included in the lineup; and that users should save SHSH2 blobs implying that the iOS 10.2 jailbreak might happen soon.

iOS 10 Jailbreak January 11, 2017

Yalu iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Now Working For iPhone SE; Support for More Devices Coming Soon

Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak tool now works on iPhone SE. Support for iPhone 5S and 6 will come soon.

iOS 10 Jailbreak January 9, 2017

Hackers Stuck With iOS Jailbreak 10.2; Here Are Some Ultimate Alternative Jailbreak Tools

The competition for a properly working jailbreak tool for iOS 10 is always intriguing; but as usual Apple shows to be ahead of the game, making it extremely complicated for hackers to crack its system.

iOS 10 Jailbreak December 30, 2016

Apple iOS 10.2 Latest News: iOS Update Intensifies Bad Battery Life Issue

Recent reports from Apple users note that problems with their batteries have only gotten worse after updating to iOS 10.2.

iOS 10 Jailbreak December 27, 2016

iOS 9.3.x Jailbreak: Lucas Todesco Develops New Jailbreak Update; Now A Browser-Based Exploit

iOS hacker Lucas Todesco releases a web-based loader for the iOS 9.3.x jailbreak version. Unlocking phones for iOS 9.3.x is now easy as following a URL.

iOS 10 Jailbreak December 17, 2016

Apple’s iOS 10 Jailbreak Release News: No Jailbreak Available; Serial iOS Hackers Cannot Impenetrate Apple’s Tightened Security? [VIDEO]

The newest operating system update for Apple, iOS 10.2, was just released. Jailbreak fans are also waiting for its jailbreak version. However, serial iOS hackers such as Pangu and Luca Todesco continue to remain silent about this matter.

iOS 10 Jailbreak December 13, 2016

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Release No Longer Happening? Pangu Still Silent After iOS 10.2 Beta Launch

The hope for an iOS 10 jailbreak tool could be dead now or would be in a few more weeks to come. Did Pangu abandon the ship for the tool's development for good?

iOS 10 Jailbreak December 13, 2016

iOS 10 Jailbreak Rumors: Jailbreak Tool Soon To Be Released For Real?

Rumors say that Pangu is just a few steps away to finally releasing the jailbreak tool for the latest iOS 10 version.

iOS 10 Jailbreak November 23, 2016

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool From Pangu Possibly To Be Released In December

The iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool has been something that almost everybody has been talking about since the release of the latest operating system for mobile Apple devices. Will we see it this coming December and will Pangu finally catch up?

iOS 10 Jailbreak November 18, 2016

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