iPad Pro mini

iPad Pro Mini Latest News: Device To Possibly Release With Stylus Alongside iPad Pro 2

Another much-awaited device from Apple is the iPad Pro Mini, which is expected to be released alongside the iPad Pro 2 and will be equipped with Stylus.

iPad Pro mini April 15, 2017

Apple iPad 2017: Fate Of The Fading Product Line Remains Unknown; Watch iPad 5 Teardown Review [VIDEO]

While the new iPad delivers faster performance, brighter screen and lots more without burning a hole in buyers' pocket, it still lacks better speakers, stylus support and better screen of the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro mini April 3, 2017

iPad Mini 5/iPad Pro Mini Update: iPad Device Might Release On March 2017

iPad Mini 5 / iPad Pro Mini might release this March thinner design and better processor.

iPad Pro mini February 26, 2017

Apple 2017 iPads: iPad Mini 5, iPad Pro 2 & iPad Air 3 To Arrive In H2 2017 [VIDEO]

While iPad fans continue waiting with bated breath for Apple to shed more light on its 2017 lineup of the lauded tablet computers, the company has refrained from spilling the beans about what 2017 has in store for the iPad lovers. Meanwhile, multiple reports suggest three new iPads will be launched this year.

iPad Pro mini January 28, 2017

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