Netflix's ‘Santa Clarita Diet’: New Odd Comedy Series Stars Drew Barrymore

Netflix released a weird, strange, and gross comedy sitcom titled "Santa Clarita Diet" which tackles about Joey and his zombie wife Sheila.

Netflix February 6, 2017

Some PlayStation 4 Suddenly Lags & Suffers Performance Issues; UI, Netflix & Controls are Problematic

Players are particularly noticing delays in handling media, navigation menu and moving through home screen as some PlayStation 4 consoles are acting sluggish recently.

Netflix February 5, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Is Investing In Video; Sees It As The Next Megatrend

Mark Zuckerberg is steering Facebook onto a new path. The social media platform will be investing a large amount of money on the network's video strategy.

Netflix February 2, 2017

‘Riverdale’ Episode 2 Trailer Released: Who Killed Jason Blossom?

The second episode of the new TV series, "Riverdale," will air on Feb. 2 2017.

Netflix February 1, 2017

Browse Hidden Genres on Netflix Using Its Own Engineer's Secret Codes; Find out How!

Netflix engineers are using this trick to narrow down the search in the streaming service.

Netflix January 20, 2017

Netflix 'Santa Clarita Diet' Trailer, Release Date: Drew Barrymore is a Funny Zombie Eating Human Flesh!

Drew Barrymore will be playing the role of a zombie in new Netflix series "Santa Clarita Diet"

Netflix January 18, 2017

Netflix Releases A Game Featuring Your Favorite Characters From 'Narcos','Stranger Things' And More

Netflix releases a game featuring your fave characters from "Stranger Things" and more.

Netflix January 9, 2017

Netflix, Hulu, And Amazon Prime: Movies And Shows Coming Your Way This 2017

2017 sees the release of television hit 'One Day At A Time' reboot by Netflix. Meanwhile, the full season of Amazon Prime's original series 'Sneaky Pete' premieres and Hulu brings back Disney favorites.

Netflix January 2, 2017

Over 50 Disney Movies Will Be Available For Streaming On Hulu, Includes 'Mulan', 'Hercules' and 'Tarzan'

A deal with Disney will allow Hulu to stream over 50 Disney movies in the coming months ahead.

Netflix December 29, 2016

'Trollhunters' Review: Guillermo del Toro Animated Series Premieres Today On Netflix

Netflix's "Trollhunters," as directed by Guillermo del Toro, begins today!

Netflix December 23, 2016

'Travelers' Premiere Today in Netflix US: Season 2 Release Date, Updates

Netflix's Travelers just ended its first season with a bang. Will it return for a second season?

Netflix December 23, 2016

Apple TV App: Apple's Newest Contribution To Digital Media Lacks Netflix; May Fall Flat In Execution

Apple just unveiled its newest app for watching TV. However, it garnered mixed reactions and many have expressed disappointment over its lack of Netflix and Amazon Video support.

Netflix December 16, 2016

Netflix Joins Google Daydream VR: Netflix Daydream VR Launched

Netflix launches its new app for the Google Daydream VR, the Netflix Daydream VR --- placing users in a virtual log cabin to enjoy their movie queue.

Netflix December 15, 2016

Talking Crash Bandicoot Featured In 'Skylanders' Netflix Show; PS4 Remaster Release Date Delayed?

Fans of the "Crash Bandicoot" series would probably be surprised to find out that the lovable marsupial had an actual speaking role in Netflix show "Skylanders Academy."

Netflix November 2, 2016

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 bundles one year of Netflix for free

T-Mobile has announced a special new deal, offering one year of Netflix for free along with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Netflix March 26, 2015

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