iPhone 5S seven-day free trial with unlimited data from T-Mobile – Here’s the deal

19 June 2014, 7:12 am EDT By Alexandra Burlacu Mobile & Apps

U.S. customers are in for some exciting news, as T-Mobile is now allowing users to get an iPhone 5S for free to test for seven days.

Called "T-Mobile Test Drive," this new program aims to give everyone the chance to try out Apple's latest flagship by offering consumers an iPhone 5S to test for seven days, free of charge, complete with unlimited data to go with your trial period. After the seven-day trial, customers can either return the smartphone with no strings attached, or choose to switch to T-Mobile for good and keep the iPhone 5S.

In order to enter the trial, interested customers must provide T-Mobile with their credit card number. This way, if they choose to keep the smartphone once the trial has expired, T-Mobile will charge $700 off the credit card for the handset.

"In another of its signature moves, T-Mobile US, Inc. today introduced 'T-Mobile Test Drive' and pioneered a new way to buy wireless in this country. With T-Mobile Test Drive, people can receive an iPhone 5s and unlimited nationwide service to take T-Mobile's network for a data-intensive, seven-day spin at no cost whatsoever," touts the press release on Wednesday, June 18.

"The way this industry forces Americans to buy wireless is completely, utterly broken. I'm here to tell you there's a better way," T-Mobile CEO and President John Legere further boasts. "While the carriers ask you to buy blind, the Un-carrier gives you transparency. Our network kicks ass, and now people can experience for themselves what a data-strong network can do with T-Mobile Test Drive."

Interested customers who want to take advantage of the Un-carrier's new trial program can sign up for T-Mobile Test Drive at this link starting on June 23. Those who sign up will receive a shiny new iPhone 5S to play with a few days later, and they will be able to try it out for free on T-Mobile's "data-strong" network. Remember that if the trial period expires and you have failed to return the smartphone, T-Mobile will charge your credit card with the full retail price of the iPhone 5S.

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