‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: From Lagertha’s Female Lover To Release Date

11 August 2016, 9:47 am EDT By Jenia Gracia Mobile & Apps

History Channel has promised that "Vikings" season 4 will be a lot exciting as surprises are about to happen.

Who is the female lover of Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick)? What will happen to Rollo (Clive Standen) and Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig)?

When will these questions be finally answered? Does the show already have a release date?

The latest update from Movie News Guide suggested that a new phase in the lives of these characters is bound to happen. 

Based on the new site's "Vikings" season 4 spoilers, the mysterious "kissing partner" of Lagertha and the "surprising alliance" between Rollo and Bjorn are set to unfold in the upcoming new season.

The partnership between the two would reportedly occur when Bjorn asks his so-called traitor uncle to grant him an exclusive passage to the Mediterranean Sea, which the latter would give his nod to. Rollo was even shown on the trailer guiding his nephew as he passes through the said way.

In the meantime, International Business Times reported that the Lagertha actress provided a glimpse of what to expect from her once the historical television drama series starts airing.

In the video she shared on Instagram, Winnick teased her fans about her look in the upcoming new season.

"Sneak peek of my day "#behindthescenes #vikings," the actress captioned her video which hinted about the "Vikings" season 4 spoilers to look forward to.

The clip showed Winnick with her hairdresser carefully doing braids to her hair while a crown-looking leather headpiece adorned with metal was beautifully laid on her head.

It can be recalled that back in April, stylist Dee Corcoran shared with the International Business Times the amount of effort they give to achieve the regal look of their actors.

"This season you'll see [Lagertha] with little pieces of Celtic metal [in her hair] when she's going to battle, which looks fabulous on her," Corcoran pointed out then.

While these "Vikings" season 4 spoilers may have brought excitement to fans, History Channel has yet to reveal its official release date.

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