Will Apple Watch Change The Way 'Pokémon GO' Is Played? Why The Smartwatch Version Is Better Than 'Pokémon GO' Plus

8 September 2016, 8:30 am EDT By Jazz Rosin Mobile & Apps

The augmented reality mobile game "Pokémon GO" will be making its way to the Apple Watch later this year, but how would it actually work? Let's take a look at all the details revealed so far.

"Pokémon GO" On Apple Watch: What You Can Do

According to various news sites, most of the functionalities found on the mobile version of "Pokémon GO" will be available in the Apple Watch version.

Hatching will now be more convenient, as players can check the progress of their eggs through the Apple Watch, Gamespot reported. Spinning Pokéstops and tracking nearby Pokémon can all be done on the smartwatch as well, reducing the need for players to whip out their phones.


While most of the features of the game can be found on the smartwatch version, not everything can be done through this device. The Apple Watch can detect if a Pokémon is nearby, but players would still need to catch the critters through the smartphone app, according to Endgadget.

What Could Change

It was not fully explained during the keynote if the Apple Watch will be using its normal fitness tracking instead of GPS when hatching eggs, but incorporating the smartwatch's fitness tracker would be a better option in this case, Forbes reported.

The Apple Watch tracks movements with its built-in fitness app. It could prove to be more highly effective than the current GPS tracking setup in the mobile game, enabling the tracking of steps outside the traditional method, like on treadmills, for example.

The app can still use the original GPS tracking utilized in the mobile version, however, as Forbes pointed out. Niantic Labs is yet to clarify regarding that matter.

Apple Watch vs Pokémon GO Plus?

Niantic has also mentioned Nintendo's long awaited "Pokémon GO" Plus during the announcement, but has not specified any details on it, save for its $35 price tag and its upcoming release later this month.

Some fans, however, dismissed the idea of the dongle actually being useful for "Pokémon GO," based on this Reddit post.

As per the Reddit post, according to the official "Pokémon GO" website, players will only be able to catch a Pokémon through the device if it is already registered to the player's Pokédex, rendering it useless for those who are on the hunt for new Pokémon.

The Reddit post also pointed out the fact that the device is not being marketed as a pedometer, which means it is not designed to track distance in Pokémon GO." This means that it is pretty useless for hatching eggs as well, unless the app itself is open on the mobile phone.

The only edge the "Pokémon GO" Plus have over the Apple Watch is the price, but overall, the smartwatch is still the better choice.

Stay tuned for more "Pokémon GO" news.

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