'Overwatch' Update: Sombra To Be Revealed At Blizzcon? Halloween Event Confirmed In Data Leak

3 October 2016, 7:40 am EDT By J Rose Mobile & Apps

The long wait for "Overwatch"'s elusive new hero Sombra may be ending soon, along with the game's special Halloween content, according to leaks.

Sombra Countdown Is Nearing Its End

According to ARG experts Game Detectives, Blizzard may be ready to reveal Sombra soon. The countdown shown on website amomentincrime.com is currently at 73 percent, and some predict that the timer will reach 100 percent around Oct. 16-17, a few weeks before Blizzard's annual Blizzcon event.

The latest comment added to the source code reads as "Parece que se están calentando un poco las cosas... tendré que pasar desapercibida mientras esto se finaliza," which translates to "It seems that things are are warming up a little... gotta go unnoticed while it completes." This may confirm that there will be no more Sombra hints after the countdown completes, and probably before her big Blizzcon reveal.

Halloween Content Revealed In Data Leak

Some clues pointing to a possible Halloween event content were datamined from the game's Public Test Realm client.

According to Reddit user DixonSeilem, he was able to discover an image of Junkrat seemingly dressed up as Dr. Frankenstein, which points to a possible Halloween event for "Overwatch."

The Reddit user also pointed out that the image size is the same as all the Brawl plates in the game, so it is also possible that the image is Brawl-related, and fans may possibly see a new Halloween themed Junkrat Weekly Brawl soon.

Other Halloween Themed Leaks In "Overwatch"

Another hint of a Halloween theme from Blizzard may be hidden in Torbjorn's "Overwatch" animation wherein Torbjorn and Mercy are shown posing together in a picture donning costumes.

In relation to the Junkrat Dr. Frankenstein image leak, Gamespresso speculated that Roadhog may possibly be Junkrat's Frankenstein.

Day of The Dead Reveal

Gamespresso also speculated that both Sombra and the Halloween content may drop on Day of the Dead, Nov. 1. Blizzard almost always do updates on "Overwatch" every Tuesday, so this is a huge possibility.

Are we finally seeing Sombra in "Overwatch"? What Halloween themed goodies are in store for us? Stay tuned for more.

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