'Dishonored 2' Missable Trophy Guide: Place Of Three Deaths, Familiarity Breeds Contempt, Circle Of Life

25 November 2016, 8:40 am EST By J Rose Mobile & Apps

The story of Corvo and Emily continues in "Dishonored 2," but their journey is not an easy one. There are a few missable trophies in the game. Here we will discuss how to get three of them.

Place of Three Deaths

This Bronze (yes, bronze!) trophy requires you to kill Paolo three times. Before doing this, make sure you are not going for a no kill run for the "Clean Hands" trophy, for obvious reasons.

During mission four, head to the black market shop and you will encounter Paolo. This will be your first kill.

Next two opportunities to kill Paolo will both happen during mission six. For the second kill, Paolo will be marked as a main objective. Search and investigate the Howler gang hideout to locate and kill him.

Finally, Paolo will transform into a pack of rats and respawn on the top floor of Howler's hideout. End his life to finish him permanently and obtain the trophy.

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Another Bronze trophy, yet highly missable. This will require you to Rob Galvani's safe twice, first during mission 1, and second during mission 9. The safe, located inside the building on the left side, requires a combination, which can be found behind the painting in the same room where the safe is in.

In mission 9, you have to rob the safe again, the difference is that you will be coming from the other side this time.

Circle Of Life

This slightly frustrating puzzle can be done during mission five, and can only be completed by Corvo as your character. Make sure you get all his possession skills before you reach this mission. Unlocking all the possession skills will cost 13 runes.

Once you've reached the area with the watch tower using Corvo's stealth skills (Corvo must not be spotted and must not kill anyone), save, then go to the spot in the video to possess the hound, rats, bloodfly, human and fish, in that exact order.

Check back for more "Dishonored 2" guides.

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