'Dishonored 2': Latest Update To Bring New Custom Difficulty Option Next Week; How It Works [VIDEO]

19 January 2017, 12:04 pm EST By Julianne Mobile & Apps

Today, the PC Version of "Dishonored 2" got a Beta update that adds new custom difficulty setting. The said setting will allow gamers to adjust the difficulty of the game including the Iron Mode setting. However, the new custom difficulty setting is not just an ordinary option that players can access, there are other sub-options, too.

According to Kotako, the custom difficulty settings let player adjust everything in the game, including how much noise the character makes when sneaking. Other options players can tweak in the game's setting are as follows.

Attack Frequency allows how often enemies attack players in combat. Group Attack adjust the number of enemies that will simultaneously engage the player. Ammunition Quantity places how much ammo a player can find in a specific level.

Other options are Number of Reinforcements option that player can adjust the number of guards to eliminate, if ever they are tending towards a high chaos. Save Model gives players the option to conserve from a single save slot. However, Mana Replenish cannot be sped up and only be toggle on and off.

However, players should be careful in adjusting all settings in the game. In a report from Gamespot, lead designer Dinga Bakaba stated that players will have to live on how they adjust the custom difficulty as players can die easily.

Another option of gamers is the Update 2. The Update 2 allows gamers to choose a specific mission to replay.This includes all the progress players made since the mission started along with the money, runes, and more will still be there.

Update 2 is currently only in the PC beta branch. But the downloadable version will arrive in January 23 of the consoles and non-beta PCs. "Dishonored 2" is a stealth FPS game developed by Bethesda and is available in all gaming consoles and the PC.

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