AMC Continues Online Live Stream Of ‘The Walking Dead Season 7’; Upcoming Episode 5 Worst Ever?

27 November 2016, 3:47 pm EST By Bal Kenneth Aballe Mobile & Apps

For those who haven't heard about ways on how to watch "The Walking Dead Season 7" online, reading this article will keep you updated about the TV series' online live stream access. Through the web viewing option, fans may also have the chance to see exclusive behind the scenes footages.

American Movie Classics is giving the supporters of the action-packed zombie TV show the ability to watch their favorite television series live online by streaming to Reports say that the web platform of the cable and satellite channel is the place that every TWD fan wants to visit.

Aside from the fact that fans can watch live stream the recent episodes of TWD on the website, everyone may also access extended trailers for upcoming episodes in the platform. And for those who keep on connecting online speculations, will also show relevant exclusives about the TV show, Earn The Necklace reported.

On the other hand, let us move forward on what to expect in upcoming "The Walking Dead" episode. Since the airing of TWD's season seven, the supporters of the TV series seem to have mixed emotions regarding the recent twists and turns of the show. Reports even said that season seven's episode five is the worst episode the show ever had.

According to Forbes, the upcoming episode of the long-running zombie franchise will disappoint its fans. Although Carl and Enid are reportedly not compatible to be seen together, the two will finally kiss in the episode which rumors said to be not watchable because they do not have the romantic spark.

In episode five, speculations said that a disappointing fight scene will take place. There will be an encounter between humans and zombies in the Hilltop. Sadly, in the said fight scene against the small band of zombie invaders, a lot of survivors can't even shut a gate by themselves. Because of it, reports are that the Hilltop is now considered as a worthless colony like Alexandria.

Although several reports already shared their disappointment about "The Walking Dead Season 7" episode 5, several fans are reportedly defending their favorite TV series declaring that everyone should watch the online the full episode before giving their verdict.

"The Walking Dead Season 7" Episode 5 airs Sunday night on AMC or via to live stream online. 

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