Microsoft Surface Studio Seems To Overpower The iMac 2017 Based On Speculations & Rumors; Know More

29 November 2016, 8:28 am EST By Prakash Mobile & Apps

The upcoming iMac 2017 release date is gathering rumors whereas the Microsoft Surface Studio is out in the market with some outstanding features. Let's see what Apple can deliver to compete Microsoft in the All-in-one Pc market.

Microsoft has beaten Apple to the punch though, as they have recently revealed their own all-in-one desktop PC wonder, the Surface Studio. Many tech watchers touted the Surface Studio as an iMac killer, with its unique design, "zero gravity" floating display hinge, and its touchscreen.

Apple is busy developing their iPhones and Macbook while the the iMac is suffering without any upgrade and no adaptation of touchscreen technology even in iMac 2017.

Even though Apple has not yet made an official announcement about the specs and design of the iMac 2017, lots of speculations and rumors are gathering on the net.

According to some tech watchers, Apple has repeatedly delayed the release of the iMac 2017 because it is still waiting for some refinements of Intel's Kaby-lake processor.

Meanwhile, on the PC front, Microsoft has unveiled an updated all in one PC, Surface Studio. The Surface Studio has a 28-inch PixelSense display, a core i5 or i7 Kaby Lake Processor, and up to 4GB of NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. The RAM can be upgraded as high as 32GB. Storage is a standard 1TB.

Contrastingly, the Surface Studio also has touch screen, something which Apple laptop and desktop computers will never have in past.

Comparing to the iMac 2017, it is rumored to have a 4k display and the new Kaby Lake Processors.

It is speculated that the new iMacs might have a keyboard with the same OLED touch bar as the new Macbook Pros. Apple has to add a lot of feature to compete with the new Surface Studio.

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