Huawei Nova Plus vs OnePlus 3T Review: Similar Prices, Great Camera, Excellent Screen

29 November 2016, 6:43 am EST By Ribhu . Mobile & Apps

Another essential phablet in the emerging medium-to-high range is the Huawei Nova Plus, and today, it goes face to face with the OnePlus 3T.

Both of these phones have 5.5 - inch, full HD resolution ( 1920 x 1080 ) and a pixel density of 401 PPI. The only thing that distinguishes them is that the OnePlus 3T uses an AMOLED panel, while on the Nova Plus we have an LCD.

Hardware is continuously one of the primary attractions of OnePlus against other low-cost devices and we come to the same conclusion when we compare it to the Huawei Nova Plus even though it comes with a fairly attractive Snapdragon 625 (eight cores and 2 0 GHz maximum frequency) and 3 GB of RAM. The 3T, however, rides on a Snapdragon 821 (four cores and 2.35 GHz ) and a 6GB of RAM. Both of these smartphones are capable of handling day to day tasks efficiently without any noticeable lags.

As for storage capacity, the OnePlus 3T has more internal memory ( 64 GB ) however, it does not give you the opportunity to expand externally, while the Nova Plus comes with a 32 GB which can be expanded with the aid of a microsSD card.

In the section of the cameras OnePlus 3T is the victor; thanks to its front camera of 16 MP, comparing it to the 8 MP on the Nova Plus. If you do not worry much about selfies from the camera, then the phablet of Huawei can be an equally good choice as they are very close in specifications and techniques for the back camera with a resolution of 16 MP, aperture f / 2.0 and optical image stabilizer in both of cases.

Slight advantage for the OnePlus 3T is the battery capacity ( 3400 mAh vs. 3400 mAh ), possibly not enough to predict a victory in the evidence of actual use, given that it depends on consumption.

Both of these phones come with fingerprint sensors with a very close price tag. The OnePlus 3T sells for 440 euros, and Nova Plus was announced for430 euros.

In the end, it might simply boil down to brand preference as both the Huawei Nova Plus and the OnePlus 3T have certain excellent specs in their field.

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