'Dishonored 2' Guide: Tips On Where To Find Rune & BoneCharm Locations

31 December 2016, 11:15 pm EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

In "Dishonored 2," Runes enable you to master your abilities and develop your character stronger while Bonecharms are an essential aspect of giving your character various bonuses. Here are the tips and tricks on where to find these runes and Bonecharms in the game.

In the Dreadful Whale level on "Dishonored 2," the rune can be technically found outside of the main missions and does not add up to any mission goal. It can be found just beside the boat, in the underwater wreckage. To pinpoint its location, use the Heart and dive in.

In the Edge of the World level, in "Dishonored 2," there are several runes that you can find on the map. PrimaGames note that the first Rune is situated within the remains of the whale along the wharf. This is close to the beginning of the mission.

Another Rune can be purchased for 400g in the black market found in the town. Furthermore, before the canal area, a small pathway to the right of the Wall of Light leads to a two-storey building aided by Overseers. In addition, there are two runes located in an Outsider Shrine on the second floor. There is also a rune in a crackable safe in the Overseer building on the third floor. The combination hint to open the safe is on the table in the next room with a music box.

Bonecharms are scattered all over the game. In the Edge of the world level in "Dishonored 2," in the Wall of Light in an apartment before the canal area that is being ransacked by Overseers, a Bonecharm can be found on the floor of the two-storey building. In addition, the pest-ridden building after the Black Market has a Bonecharm on the second floor; destroy the nest inside to pick it up, according to IGN.

Moreover, outside the Overseer building is a Bonecharm beside a Rune. The civilians eavesdropping to the Overseers outside will not care if you steal the Bonecharm. Blink or Far Reach behind the Overseers and gently crawl up onto the tables behind them to take the goods. In "Dishonored 2," in the Winslow Safe Company colossal safe on the main floor, you can find a Bonecharm.

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