New Super Mario Bros. U Not Launch Title or Rehash of Predecessors

14 July 2012, 9:41 am EDT By Jonathan Charles Mobile & Apps

In a hands-on demo, courtesy of IGN, Nintendo PR Manager Kit Ellis claimed New Super Mario Bros. U will launch "soon after" the Wii U hits shelves. The title has been expected to launch with the Wii U.

In the demo, along with a more powerful console than the Wii U being apparent judging by the graphical fidelity, a new suit was previewed: the Flying Squirrel. It brings verticality to the game, and the jump button can be held to float down to the surface or shake the controller to get a boost. The side of a wall can also be held on, described as an extended wall jump.

The Wii U GamePad allows players who tap the screen to spawn platforms, which disappear when touched. Nintendo calls it "Boost Mode," designed as an aid for new players along with expediting skilled players when speed running. 4-player co-op is in again, returning from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where players can choose from Mario, Luigi and two Toadstools.

Baby Yoshis are available, and grabbing onto them and shaking the Wii Remote or GamePad gets a "boost which makes it possible to float in the air to collect coins or get access to higher platforms." It's not known where the Babi Yoshis can transform into adult Yoshis by eating five pieces of fruit, as could be done in Super Mario World for SNES.

Miiverse integration allows questions and tips to be sent, Dark Souls style, if there's a difficult section for example. Nintendo hasn't demoed Miiverse to the public, so the functionality in practice is still a lingering question.

Ellis claimed New Super Mario Bros. U is a "totally different game to New Super Mario Brothers Wii or New Super Mario Brothers 2 which is coming out for Nintendo 3DS August 19. Entirely new stages, entirely new experience, entirely new power-ups like the Flying Squirrel which you won't find anywhere else."

As said, New Super Mario Bros. U will apparently release "soon after launch" of the Wii U according to Ellis. Nintendo has said the console will release by the end of 2012, expected to be around November.

The video below is the IGN hands-on demo:

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