HTC U 11 Latest News: New Adverstisement Released, Company Announced Launch Date

A new advertisement about the squeezable feature of HTC U 11 has been released teasing the launch date of the upcoming device.

htc April 30, 2017

HTC U Latest News: Latest Flagship Device Teased On Unveiling On May; Hinted On Edge Sense Feature

HTC's flagship device dubbed as HTC U is being teased to get unveiled on May 16 boasting its squeezable feature.

htc April 21, 2017

HTC's Latest Vive Bundles Lets You Have The Latest Nvidia GPU For $200 Less

HTC has given us more reasons to invest in their virtual reality headset.

htc April 19, 2017

HTC Ocean/HTC 11 Latest News: Flagship Device Will Drop 3.5mm Jack; IP57 Protection Added

A recent report from an industry insider claims that the upcoming flagship device from HTC dubbed as HTC Ocean or HTC 11 will have an IP57 Protection and will scrap the 3.5mm jack.

htc April 18, 2017

Live Images of the HTC U Ocean Leak: It's Ready To Save The Subpar Ultra U

HTC is regrouping to deliver a better unit to redeem its predecessor's shortcomings.

htc April 17, 2017

HTC One X10 Latest News: HTC Announced Latest Device In Russia; Boasts Long Battery Life That Can last For 2 Days

HTC One X10 has been recently announced in Russia, true to its previous claim, the device indeed sports a massive 4000mAh battery pack.

htc April 14, 2017

HTC Offers New VR Game Service & A $100 Discount For The Vive To Kick Off It's First Birthday

Do you want to own a brand new Vive virtual reality headset? Luckily, this could be everyone's chance to own HTC's premier VR platform.

htc April 4, 2017

HTC Next Flagship Device Has A Major Unique Selling Feature; The Smartphone Can Be Activated By Sqeezing

A recently released leak revealed that HTC's flagship device will have a unique feature that requires squeezing the smartphone.

htc April 4, 2017

HTC Latest Flagship Smartphone's Latest Leak Shows Snapdragon 835, Adreno 540 GPU, Dual Speakers & USB Type -C Port

A latest leaked render about HTC next flagship smartphone reveals dual speakers, USB-type C port, and Andreno 540 GPU among others.

htc April 3, 2017

HTC U Latest News: Fresh Renders Reveal No Headphone Jack & No Dual Camera Setup

A recent render pointing to HTC's latest upcoming device, the HTC U shows the phone will not have a dual camera setup and even a headphone jack.

htc April 3, 2017

HTC 11/ HTC U Latest News: Device's Specs Leaked Again; Flagship Phone To Possibly Release In April

Recent specs pointing to HTC 11 or HTC U surfaced online while speculations are claiming that the device will be available to consumers by April 2017.

htc March 30, 2017

HTC 11 Latest News: HTC Ocean leaked To Be The Company's Flagship Smartphone Name

The upcoming HTC flagship phone according to the latest leak will be officially called HTC Ocean and not HTC 11.

htc March 26, 2017

HTC 11 Latest News: Upcoming Phone To Have Snapdragon 835, More Jaw Dropping Specs & Features Revealed

HTC 11 is anticipated to be released on the market in April with impressive specs and features including Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip.

htc March 21, 2017

HTC 10 In India, HTC M9 In The UK Receives Nougat Update

Nougat updates are rolling out for HTC 10 users in India and HTC One M9 users in the UK.

htc February 25, 2017

Google Pixel XL Vs HTC U Ultra: The Google Phone And Its Maker

Comparisons between the Google Pixel Xl and HTC U Ultra.

htc February 23, 2017

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