HTC Offers New VR Game Service & A $100 Discount For The Vive To Kick Off It's First Birthday

4 April 2017, 12:24 pm EDT By Caezar Sotto Mobile & Apps

Do you want to own a brand new Vive virtual reality headset? Luckily, this could be everyone's chance to own HTC's premier VR platform.

In celebration of its birthday, the guys behind the headset will be giving away discounts. Also, the makers of the Vive kicked off its own subscription VR game service to millions of its users.

As part of its promotion HTC is offering a $100 discount for the Vive VR headset with a free copy of "Arcade Saga." According to The Verge, customers can buy the headset for $699 starting on Wednesday (April 5).

VR enthusiasts that will buy the VR system on the same day will also be able to sign up for the Viveport subscription. The VR game service is available in the Viveport Store for a monthly rate of $6.99.

The recently launched game service is HTC's version of Valve's Steam storefront. The storefront has been the default source for most Vive games in the absence of Viveport in the past year.

Although Viveport rolled out in fall 2016 on the global stage, it was pit against the bigger Steam store. The new subscription service will altogether be a new business model for HTC. As an homage to the Vive's loyal fan base, owners of the headset can pick five games/apps in the library every month.

The new service will aim to bring back its fan base to patronize HTC's Viveport store. However, it isn't exactly the Netflix version of the Vive but its worth the shot.

Vive owners can take advantage of the one-month trial to check out the new Viveport subscription. The promotion came on the heels of the Vive Tracker's launch, it's a small disk that lets users track objects.

The series of promotions is part of HTC's growing independence from Valve. Both companies have co-created the Vive headset that rolled out to consumer electronic markets in April 2016.

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