How To Download And Install Microsoft Office 2013 32-bit And 64-bit Versions

18 July 2012, 9:39 pm EDT By Vamien McKalin Mobile & Apps

By now, you might have heard of Office 2013, the newest version of Microsoft's award-winning Office Suite software. The company didn't just announced a new version of the software, it also made available a Consumer Preview version so that everyone can give it a test run if they so wish. Our initial impression of Office 2013 is coming up; however, before we get to that, we'd like to walk you through the process of getting Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 on your machine, so saddle up cowboys and gals.

First off, you will need to get your computer browser over to the Microsoft Office Preview Web site and sign up for the ability to download the software to your PC. If you are lacking a Live account, you will be required to create one then return to the sign up process where everything should run smoothly from there.

You should take into consideration that Microsoft has limited the installs to 5 per Live account, so if for some reason something happens and you want to install an additional 5, creating more Live accounts is easier than picking your nose.

After signing up, don't go straight ahead clicking on the install button, take a look at the fine print; in layman's term, that means read. If you can't read, then get someone to read it for you; come to think of it, if you couldn't read, it is highly unlikely you'd get this far.

Clicking install right from the get go will bring to your machine the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office 2013. If you know you have a 32-bit Windows OS, go ahead and click install, if you're not sure, either find out or just go ahead still. Now, if 64-bit version of Windows is what you have, click Language and install options below install button, or to break it down for less brainy people, the green button. From here, you will be brought to a place called Additional Installs, just click the drop down thingy called versions, and choose 64-bit, click install and you're off.

Okey Dokey, we seem to be getting places here, so let's continue.

Tapping the install button should download an installer file that is just below 500KB in size. Once downloaded, run the .exe file and from there, Microsoft Office 2013 should be taking its first steps to look sexy on your computer with all its new features and looks.

After the setup has been completed, a cool intro video jumps at you from the wild. You can either capture it, or skip it, Pokemon style.

If you skipped the video and would want to watch it after, worry not dudes, we've got you covered because you are like a child to us, and we protect our own.

Wait, what's that? Wondering why we're not done yet? PATIENCE!!! We're getting there, just calm down, geez.

Next, you will be asked if you want to sign in and link Office with your Live/SkyDrive account. If you want to, go get to it, if not, no biggie because the software will still work. You would just miss out on a few online features that enhances Office 2013.

The final setup page is here folks. Microsoft will give you the option to see more features via a PowerPoint presentation. You can view it if you want to, nothing special if you are already familiar with the new features. If not, you can always check them out here, enjoy.

Finally, here comes the Wrapping Up page. You'll see this running, but don't get frustrated, you can go ahead and use Office 2013 while this time vampire continues to run in the background. You might be wondering, how does Office 2013 continues to work even though setup is not fully completed. Well, this has all to do with Microsoft's App-V technology that the company purchased a few years back. From what we can remember, this is the first time it is being used outside of Microsoft labs, and we dig.

That's all folks, enjoy Microsoft Office 2013, and let us know if you're having problems, maybe we can help you out.

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