Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs & Updates: Phablet To Feature Removable Battery Following Galaxy Note 7 Issues

16 January 2017, 7:01 am EST By Athena Dee Mobile & Apps

Samsung may have received a lot of negative attention after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, but it does not seem fazed. Multiple news sources have reported that the Korea-based tech company is gearing to release its next flagship phablet in either August or September of this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 news confirm that the company's Note line of devices will not be killed off. Consumers are expecting the company to launch the said phablet alongside its new powerhouse device - which is allegedly foldable - the cryptic Galaxy X.

New Galaxy Note devices are traditionally unveiled in August or September each year. This is a good several weeks before Apple, Samsung's strongest rival, launches its next iPhone flagship. That said, the Korean tech giant is expected to reveal the Galaxy Note 8 in Q3 2017, according to Value Walk.

Samsung still has a lot of time to perfect its upcoming flagship phablet in order to make sure that it will not have the same flaws that was discovered in its predecessor. With that in mind, the company is reportedly going to bring back its removable battery. This particular feature has been regarded by most consumers as their preferred option. This way, they can carry more than one battery pack with them for daily use.

Having a removable battery also somehow ensures that Galaxy Note 8 users will not experience the same problems Galaxy Note 7 users did. The previous model's fire hazard status could have been easily addressed had it featured a removable battery pack.

After reports of Galaxy Note 7 units exploding on their own, Samsung, together with Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, and UL - a US-based safety organization, conducted an enquiry looking into the matter. That said, it is expected that Samsung will use what is learned from the enquiry's results and apply it to the production of the Galaxy Note 8.

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