‘Fairy Tail’ 518, 517 Spoilers, Recap: Could Erza Kill Her Own Mother Eileen In ‘Master Enchantment?’

18 January 2017, 8:32 am EST By Caitlin Moore Mobile & Apps

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 518 spoiler suggest that a final between Eileen and Erza will ensue. However, based on the last pages of the previous chapter, it is clear that the former Queen of the Dragons is inferior to Wendy's powers. Does this mean that Erza has the upper hand in the impending fight between the mother and daughter in the upcoming chapter entitled "Master Enchantment?"

It remains to be seen whether Eileen has really become weakened by Erza and Wendy's attacks. As per a report by Tripped Media, it could be possible that she is just pretending to be evil to fulfill an important goal that may break the heart of her daughter and fans of the manga series. However, the speculation is yet to be confirmed so readers are advised to take it with a grain of salt.

If it is to be considered that Eileen has slowly lost her powers from the beginning of her battle with Erza, the latter may win the battle this time. It can be recalled that Erza was able to exact a huge hit on her mother on Chapter 516 of "Fairy Tail" as reported by Mobile&Apps. For this reason, the former Queen of the Dragons needed to summon Wendy's body, which caused her to become weaker.

However, "Fairy Tail" Chapter 517 revealed a stronger Eileen inside Wendy's body. She seemed to be refreshed after taking the body of the dragon slayer who surprisingly appeared in Eileen's physique. As confusing as it is, Wendy used Eileen's body to fight the latter, which turned out to be a victory for the "Fairy Tail" guild member.

For this reason, Eileen seemingly lost more powers and it is up to Erza to finish what she started. The question remains whether the S-Class mage could find it in her heart to kill her own mother on "Fairy Tail" Chapter 518. In the meantime, tell us if you believe that Eileen will finally meet her end in the new chapter of the hit manga series written by Hiro Mashima.

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