Steve Harvey Won’t Be Present At Donald Trump’s Inauguration

19 January 2017, 6:00 am EST By Shena Golosino Mobile & Apps

Steve Harvey is turning 60 and he's not attending the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. After the meeting with Trump, Steve Harvey told reporters that his wife, Marjorie will be taking him "somewhere far away" for his birthday, January 17, that's why he will not be able to attend "anybody's" inauguration.

Acording to The Hill, Harvey's statement left the audience a clue that even if it wasn't Steve Harvey's birthday, she still won't allow him. Steve Harvey had a meeting with Donald Trump at the Trump Tower last Friday, January 14. The comedian was called on request by president-elect Donald Trump.

The meeting had been quite controversial and according to Vibe, a lot of people considered it as an "act of betrayal" against the black community and they have responded negatively to it through the internet. Harvey defended himself by stating that change can only happen "when we sit at the table" further explaining that "If we sit at the table, then we can have a say as to what's to be eaten on the menu."

He added that conversation is the only way to heal the current divide in the country. Harvey stated that he and Trump discussed about an urban development project. According to E Headlines, the Family Feud's host told Trump that he wanted to help in any way possible to improve the housing conditions in the inner cities. The president-elect immediately contacted Dr. Ben Carson, Trump's pick to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to work with Harvey and bring "positive change to inner cities."

With regards to the negative criticism he has been receiving from the Internet, Harvey said that he was surprised as he didn't expect the backlash to be "so fierce."

 "On a personal note, a lot of ya'll hurt me... If I'm going to keep getting stabbed at, then at least while you're stabbing me, you should understand my intent for taking the meeting in the first place," he said.

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