'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Global Missions Features Hard Tasks; Third Mission Could Be Easier

2 February 2017, 11:32 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has launched its third Global Mission, and it looks like an easier task. It seems that Nintendo is bound for another ineffective campaign to leash its followers into one solid fan base.

Global Missions will last until Feb. 14, but it is unclear whether The Pokemon Company will push with similar events after the culmination. An entire player-base needs to access and sync "Pokemon Sun and Moon" online, Polygon instructed. Once players get in, they will immediately get 200 Festival Coins. The prizes escalate to 2000 coins plus a Friendly Ball if the grand mission will be completed.

Neither of the previous two Global Missions managed to tickle players' interest and yet, developers have pushed through with a third "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Mission attempt. The biggest drawback for missions is the complicated gameplay.

Given the difficulty of the missions, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" mission 1 asks the entire player-base for 1 million Pokemons, ThisGenGaming reported. The quota to get in-game rewards is just a fraction of what has been asked so players simply shied away from mission 1.

For mission 2, participants are even asked to accomplish a more daunting task. Players have to scan and either capture or defeat 1 million Pokemons. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" offers bonuses should the whole player-base reach 2 million - if that is possible at all.

As a consolation, the third Global Mission is an easier task. Players have to simply trade 5 Pokemons to the Festival Plaza where receptionist will give a Rare Candy in return. Everything about these "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Missions sounds complicated, but it could still be a worthy try for fun's sake.

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