Everything Hisashi Nogami Divulged About 'Splatoon 2' For Nintendo Switch; Game Setting, Gears, Controls & Maps

7 February 2017, 9:25 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

"Splatoon 2" producer Hisashi Nogami teased a variety of topics about the upcoming Nintendo Switch title. After months of mystery that shrouds the game, Nogami decided that it's time to lift the veil to give players a glimpse of how the game will look like.

Going with the weapons first, Nogami suspects that players have the tendency to stick to one weapon. "Splatoon 2" will introduce upgrades and new types of weapons to encourage variation. Further, there will be 4 initial stages of the game where each scenario calls for a specific weapon system. Out of the 4, three are brand new while the remaining will be a reboot from the original game.

Nintendo Everything provided a glimpse of the game's setting. It makes sense that the original title was released two years ago, so developers saw that it was necessary to change the soundtrack. Nogami described the new "Splatoon 2" sound as "advanced with a twisted feel."

The squid world also changed when it comes to outfits. High-cut shoes was a hit during the 90's timeline, but has since changed into currently-preferred low cuts. About controls, "Splatoon 2" tried to adapt the same controls used in Wii U. Even touch controls for Super Jumps ultimately made it to simple button use although Nintendo experimented with other ways to do the maneuver.

Map controls is also niftier in Nintendo Switch. Players can view the map in 3D without confusing overlay because it syncs with gyro controls. Viewing the map doesn't affect the "Splatoon 2" gameplay as well because the new version features simultaneous display and character movement.

Lastly, "Splatoon 2" intends to be a Nintendo Switch staple for paid subscription or online service. Nogami didn't gave details yet, but it seems that players can link with each other through a temporary online community where participants can chat and plan about upcoming battle or event. These communities can dissolve after the battle and a new one can be created the next time around.

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