'Final Fantasy XV' Power Rangers Costume Risk Copyright Problem; Square Enix Confirms Booster Pack DLC Schedule

6 February 2017, 10:51 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

The "Final Fantasy XV" Magitek Exosuit went through certain tweaks to avoid legal concerns over the costume looking very much like the "Power Rangers." Square Enix previously confirmed that Magitek Exosuit was originally slated for a Feb. 21 release.

The developer also teased that this new costume can give Noctis and his brothers advantage during battles. However, fans immediately noticed the resemblance of the costume with the upcoming movie reboot - hence, the moniker "Power Rangers" costume.

If all went well and developers can chase the schedule, "Final Fantasy XV" fans can still grab the free Booster Pack DLC, minus the Magitek Exosuit. The delay is inevitable because the makers of "Power Rangers" themselves have pointed out the similarities in design, Gematsu reported. Currently, "Final Fantasy XV" has not yet shown how they re-engineered the costumes or what colors are choosing from.

Meanwhile, Square Enix confirmed that the Booster Pack DLC is going to feature Gladiolus and Chapter 13 improvements. The primary feature of the pack is to increase the level cap to warrant further character leveling and to acquire the Booster Sword, Dragon Mod and a reel called Aviol. These gears are coming in preparation for the Gladiolus Episode which will be released on March 28, PlayStation Lifestyle said.

Players can also experience the new dynamic 60fps support for full HD PlayStation 4 Pro with the upcoming DLC. Furthermore, game cosmetics like using a music player while riding Chocobo, increased photo capacity to 200 and limited time quests were added.

Lastly, another "Final Fantasy XV" episode entitled Prompto is coming in June, but has no definite release date as of writing. It is likely that developers will also incorporate some of the results from a survey that asked gamers what they wanted to see in the game.

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