Some PlayStation 4 Suddenly Lags & Suffers Performance Issues; UI, Netflix & Controls are Problematic

5 February 2017, 10:17 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

Players are particularly noticing delays in handling media, the navigation menu and moving through the home screen as some PlayStation 4 consoles are acting sluggish recently. The significant lag prompts players to take on the issue to various social media channels.

While the PlayStation 4 features a snappy response before, console owners are worried over drastic change in its behavior. Load times are taking longer when browsing through friends list, profiles and trending.

According to a PS4 SubReddit, players are trying to grab support from Sony, but there is no clear explanation yet. It is also apparent that the recent update in December is not the culprit since PlayStation 4 ran smoothly even after a month. There were 2 major patches before the update, but they also did well until recently.

Kotaku tested how PlayStation 4 acts after complaints circulated on the internet. Results yielded a clumsy experience when in the Home navigation pane, scrolling through Games tab or simply trying to load What's New. Overview display and trending media are also areas of problem and takes significant delays.

The current problem poses a huge impact over players who use their consoles for media heavily other than plain gaming. Streams from Netflix or trending media are the ones having significant difficulty.

Meanwhile, Reddit user 100thattempt reported an even problematic behavior. He alleged that media lost their Close option and Delete is appearing instead. It seems that the workaround is pressing and holding down the PS button. This change in controls confused players and resulted to some who accidentally deleted apps.

Another quick fix that allegedly worked against the lag is to re-initialize the whole system. This quick format approach works fine with players who have games in physical discs, but a huge hassle for those with digital copies.

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