'Battlefield 1' They Shall Not Pass DLC Will Bring New Weapons, Maps, Game Mode & More

10 February 2017, 10:06 am EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

"Battlefield 1" They Shall Not Pass DLC is set to launch on March 2017. The upcoming patch will bring in new weapons, new maps, a new game mode and a new elite class, among others.

DICE has revealed that the upcoming "Battlefield 1" They Shall Not Pass DLC will bring heaps of new content to the game. There will be ranged weapons, melee weapons and ranks. In addition, there will be more medals, dog tags, service stars and codex entries.

"Battlefield 1" New Weapons

The upcoming "Battlefield 1" They Shall Not Pass DLC will feature new set of weapons, according to PVP Live. It includes Ribeyrolles 1918 for Assault, which is a French sub-machine gun designed for tank crews. The weapon holds 25 rounds in its magazine with its SMG was fitted for a bayonet and bipod.

RSC M1917 for Medic will also be featured in the upcoming French DLC. The RSC M1917 is a semi-automatic rifle that shares the same cartridge as the Lebel Model 1886. It has a five round capacity magazine. Other weapons that will be featured are Lebel Model 1886 for Scout, Chauchat for Support, Sjögren Inertia for Assault and MLE 1903 Extended for Pilot or Tanker.

New Maps & Game Mode

There will be new maps to be featured in the upcoming "Battlefield 1" They Shall Not Pass DLC. Verdun Heights Map is one. This map will stage an uphill battle towards the gigantic fortress of Verdun where players will fight for dominion. Other maps to be featured in the upcoming French DLC include Fort de Vaux map, Soissons map and Rapture map.

In addition, a new game mode dubbed as Frontlines, will be introduced in the upcoming "Battlefield 1" They Shall Not Pass DLC. Frontlines is a combination of Conquest and Rush and players will fight for chained control points in a tug-of-war frontline. Players will have to take over the enemy's HQ control point. The game then transforms into a Rush-style section where telegraph posts need to be defended or attacked.

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