'Battlefield 1' French DLC Release Details: New Weapons Including The Iconic WWI Chauchat Revealed [VIDEO]

12 February 2017, 12:45 pm EST By JEV Mobile & Apps

The new DLC for "Battlefield 1" will be releasing next month. The new content is called French DLC and EA DICE has revealed the new weapons that will become available with the new downloadable content.

Players can access different guns in French DLC. The choices are the MLE 1903 Extended, the Sjogren Inertia, the Lebel Model 1886, the Ribeyrolles 1918, the RSC M1917 and the Chauchat.The MLE 1903 Extended has an extended magazine and extended barrel giving this gun a powerful firing range.

The Sjogren Inertia is a shotgun with a power of 12 gauge semi-automatic and five rounds of magazine. Next is a two-magazine gun called Lebel Model 1886. The first magazine holds eight bullets and the second magazine is mounted at the chamber.

Also, the Ribeyrolles 1918 is a French sub-machine gun with a a 25-round box magazine. According to PVP Live, it can be useful for tank crews and SMG is compatible with bayonet and bipod.

The new set of weapons also features the semi-automatic rifle RSC M1917, which has the same cartridge with the original one.The Chauchat is one of the most iconic guns during World War I, wrote the report. It has a 20-round magazine and it has a slow firing rate to make sure of the shooting accuracy.

On the other hand, it was mentioned at the official website of the EA DICE game that it will also offer different types of melee weapons in the upcoming They Shall Not Pass DLC. Players who own Season Pass of "Battlefield 1" can get the Red Baron Pack and Lawrence of Arabia Pack. These two new contents will introduce two new weapons, battlepacks and new skins.

The packs will also bring Lawrence of Arabia's black stallion horse and the Red Baron's P08 pistol.Players who own a Season Pass can enjoy these exciting contents before the arrival of "Battlefield 1" French DLC and They Shall Not Pass DLC.

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