'Battlefield 1' Latest News: Developers Plans To Change Suez Map & Add Spawn Cams To The Game; Winter Update Live On February 14

12 February 2017, 11:34 pm EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

Another set of changes is coming to "Battlefield 1." Developers said they are changing the game's Suez Map and will be adding Spawn Cams.

"Battlefield 1" players will be receiving several qualities of life enhancements with map changes to Suez, as well as the addition of 'Spawn Cams.' In "Battlefield 1," updates do not come as often as compared to other games. Each update, however, refreshes the experience and enhances the player experience to great effect.

A "Battlefield 1" developer on Reddit said that the Suez map appears to be one-sided at present in Conquest. Most often, one team will dominate the other with little chance of a comeback. He added that they want to change the map and is asking for players help in way of suggestions. The developers, he revealed, are mainly looking in changing the layout, repositioning the flags and removing or adding vehicles.

He further said they are open to suggestions on what players are expecting the team to do particularly with Suez map. He welcomes drawings and even those done in Paint. Furthermore, the developer said that they are hoping to gather and playtest numerous varying layouts both on the CTE and in-house of "Battlefield 1."

The developers have been consistently working harder through more channels to get a wide and varied range of player feedback. With this, the majority of changes and updates will be first placed into the Community Test Environment. Eventually, it will then be moved onto "Battlefield 1" live servers.

Aside from the changes coming to Suez, DICE would like to improve the "Battlefield 1" deployment screen. It is missing several functionalities that it had in Battlefield 4, but that is because Battlefield 1" is a completely new system. PVP Live reported that Spawn Cams should be coming to Battlefield 1 in a future patch. The feature, however, will take some time before it will be able to hit the live servers.

On February 14, "Battlefield 1" will receive its Winter update. It is not specified, however, if the changes in the Suez Map would be included. The Spawn Cams, on the other hand, would be included in a much later patch.

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