Glitch In Uber App Ends A Frenchman's Marriage After His Wife Traced His Affair; Sues Uber For $47 Million

13 February 2017, 11:30 pm EST By Regin Olimberio Mobile & Apps

An unnamed French is suing Uber after a glitch in the app allowed his wife to track his car-hailing escapades, and conclude that he is having an affair which ultimately lead to the couple's divorce. The story may sound as a joke, but the man is allegedly suing Uber for $47 million in damages.

Whether the affair is real or imaginary, the plaintiff who is a prominent businessman argued that he might not been busted had there been no glitch in the app. The man from Côte d'Azur explained that he borrowed his wife's phone one time to hail an Uber ride, then he logged out of his account. The problem started when the glitch made his future Uber transactions traceable, making his wife suspect infidelity.

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, the first hearing for the case is scheduled in March. Other than the schedule, details about the case are sparse after both the plaintiff and respondent, Uber France, refused to give a statement.

IBTimes also asked Uber's US counterpart to comment, but the company respectfully declined. The only response received is a single liner that explained the company's stand to shy away from commenting on individual cases, including the aftermath of the divorce between spouses.

To recall, there are precedents even before the French case of Uber's alleged lack of privacy. Several Twitter posts indicate of a bug that keeps sending notifications to any phone used even if the main account was already logged out. While a newer version of iOS, specifically the 10.2.1, aren't plagued with the glitch, those who haven't updated their OS yet are allegedly affected.

One classic example that drew much attention over social media is Parakram Khandpur who first noticed the glitch. His Tweet explained that he accessed Uber through a friend's phone then logged out, but the app still delivers notifications of his activities to his friend. Khandpur's post was shared thousands of times, raising awareness to over 40 million people who use Uber every month.

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