Uber’s Movement, A Website Intended For City Planners And Researchers Looking To Improve Urban Mobility

9 January 2017, 11:43 am EST By Cris Xander Juliano Mobile & Apps

The ride-hailing Uber has released a website called Movement that gives data of traffic flow of areas where Uber operates intended for city planners and researchers that are looking to improve urban mobility according to a report by Tech Crunch.

The website will initially be open for specific organizations that will apply for early access, and then later on the general public.

According to Uber, it was looking at all the data gathered from trips around the city and began to realize that the data can be beneficial to the public. Uber then organized a team to make this a reality, hence the idea for Movement was formed.

The website can help city planners and researchers make key decisions for future development of infrastructures as they will now have data necessary to back them up. A report by Wired stated that Movement now has data for Sydney, Australia, Washington DC, U.S and Manila, Philippines.

More cities will be available when the website is launched for the general public in mid-February and plans to include every city that has Uber.

Uber's chief of transportation policy Andrew Salzberg stated, "We don't manage streets. We don't plan infrastructure, so why have this stuff bottled up when it can provide immense value to the cities we're working in?"

 This is very important for planners as they really need to know where people start and end their commute. Understanding these patterns will give them an idea of whether to improve roadways or building more public transit. Salzberg also stated that he's planning to add more capabilities to Movement in the near future.

What do you think of Uber's Movement and how it helps city planners? Write and share your thoughts down the comments section below. 

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