'Battlefield 1' Latest News: Developer Revealed HitReg Improvements, Spring Patch & More On The Way!

18 February 2017, 11:23 am EST By Keisuke Akio Mobile & Apps

"Battlefield 1" will have massive changes coming soon. DICE revealed more game enhancements in terms of HitReg and netcode.

The "Battlefield 1" hit registry improvements and overall netcode enhancements are coming in two waves. Several fixes were introduced alongside the DLC They Shall Not Pass. On the other hand, the larger wave of changes is coming with the spring patch. These were revealed by DICE developer mischkag in one of the "Battlefield 1" forums.

He added that he recently completed the implementation of a server side hit detection for players over 100ms ping. He further stated that if it all works out, this change would be part of the spring patch.

In any FPS game, especially in "Battlefield 1," it is very difficult to kill a jumpy player; Most of the time they will teleport while they are simply running around. There are also times when they will seemingly kill you when, in fact, they are not even looking in your direction. The playing field should be more stable as the hit registry and netcode becomes more optimized.

Mischkag disclosed that he had optimized the entire netcode on "Battlefield 1" for low ping environments and for the fastest turnaround of information possible. He further said that he made sure any jitter is handled. Thus, he created an environment where a high ping is working all too well. In addition, the developer noted that he is pushing hard at present to make high-ping players or high jittering/packet loss players very smooth on low ping clients, making it standard to aim at and kill.

"Battlefield 1" matches will play more smoothly with the enhanced netcode and hit registry fixes. The specific adjustments and improvements inbound with the They Shall Not Pass DLC are not yet revealed. The massive portion of hit registry and netcode improvements should be coming in the "Battlefield 1" Spring Update, says PVP Live.

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