'Thor: Ragnarok' Star Tom Hiddleston Teases What Loki Will Be Up To In The 'Thor' Sequel

22 February 2017, 10:13 am EST By S. Turla Mobile & Apps

Like the trickster he portrays, Tom Hiddleston has mischievously teased Loki's role in "Thor: Ragnarok." Chris Hemsworth will also allegedly get to show off his comedic talents in the upcoming film.

According to Fandango, "Thor: Ragnarok" marks the return of Tom Hiddleston's Loki. The trickster hasn't been part of any of the Marvel movies since 2013's "Thor: The Dark World."

The upcoming film will also feature Cate Blanchett as the villain Hela, and Benedict Cumberbatch will reprise his role as Doctor Strange. Hiddleston shared that "Thor: Ragnarok" will feature the "funniest version" of Thor ever seen on the big screen.

While doing an interview for "Kong: Skull Island," the actor spilled the beans on how funny "Thor: Ragnarok" will be. He shared, "At the end of The Dark World, Loki is on the throne. At the beginning of Ragnarok, Thor has a few questions and Loki is endearingly enigmatic about providing answers," Hiddleston said to Fandango's Nikki Novak. Taika Waititi is such a spirited, hilarious individual, and he and Chris [Hemsworth] became very fast friends."

Hiddleston added, "And what was great for me was to see their friendship kind of blossom and they brought out the best in each other and started making stuff up. I can confidently say this will be the funniest depiction of the character of Thor that you've ever seen. I personally have known for almost 10 years that Chris Hemsworth is hilarious. I think this go-round will be his chance."

Based on the actor's comments, Loki has remained on the throne since he outwitted Odin in "Thor: The Dark World," per Cinema Blend. Since then, Loki has taunted Thor while disguised as their father Odin. While answering Thor's questions could set things straight immediately, fans can rest assured that Loki will take his sweet time giving his brother the answers that he needs.

While Loki is usually doing something villainous, the death of his beloved adoptive mother Frigga has had a great impact on Thor's wayward brother. On more than one occasion, Loki has proved that he can still be selfless when the occasion calls for it. Perhaps Loki will once again show his heroic side in an unexpected moment in "Thor: Ragnarok."

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