NES Classic Edition Stock Update: Amazon Third-Party Retailers Drops Price for the Console; Stocks Now Available on Amazon at $150

25 February 2017, 9:50 am EST By Coco Dollanganger Mobile & Apps

A bunch of Amazon third-party retailers has issued a price cut for the NES Classic Edition online where one retailer listed the classic console for $111 USD and another for $112 USD. During the Christmas holidays, prices for the console soared up higher and there have been desperate buyers who actually paid up to $200 just to get their hands on the mini-console.

The above-mentioned prices are still way higher than the NES Classic Edition recommended price at $60 but then, it's still one of the better options for those who desperately want to own Nintendo's replica of the original 80s console, which has turned out to be one of the most sought-after console since its release. Nintendo has been struggling to keep up with the customer demands for the console as it underestimated its audiences and has previously promised to increase its production.

On the plus side, Express reports that there are retailers starting to get more NES Classic Edition stocks. Earlier this week, Argos has sent out stock alerts via email in the United Kingdom and the Nintendo Online Store also obtained new stock the following day, according to Stock Informer.

The mini-console has been out of stock Christmas and there have been speculations that Nintendo has ended its production but the firm has denied these reports and even promised to increase production. Nintendo explained that some parts actually take time to procure and this is why the mini-console has been out of stock in most retailers.

Right now, Amazon U.S. and UK is listing the NES Classic Edition for $150 and this could be a great chance for those who don't mind spending that kind of amount just to have the classic console. The stocks were available since Thursday with speedy shipping, which is because of Amazon's free Prime shipping service, according to a report.

For those who are willing to spend $150 to own the NES Classic Edition, click here. Stay tuned to Mobile & Apps for more updates.

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