Nintendo Switch "Pokemon Sun And Moon" Version "Pokemon Stars" Will Be Different, 2017 Release Date Still Unconfirmed

28 February 2017, 9:18 pm EST By JP Mobile & Apps

The Nintendo Switch Pokemon game, which will reportedly be called "Pokemon Stars," will be different from "Pokemon Sun and Moon" or any other Pokemon related games in the market today, including "Pokemon GO."

The Nintendo Switch Pokemon game has been revealed back in September 2016 by Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara. Since then, very few details about what is said to be Nintendo Switch "Pokemon Stars" have surfaced.

In a recent interview with Toyokeizai Online, Ishihara revealed some bits of information about the Nintendo Switch "Pokemon Stars." The Pokemon Company CEO said that the game they are developing for the Nintendo hybrid console will be different from the Pokemon related games available in the market today.

Ishihara pointed out that Pokemon games today, including "Pokemon Sun and Moon," have been made exclusively for handheld gaming devices. With the hybrid capability of the Nintendo Switch, the Pokemon Company may rethink its approach in releasing "Pokemon Stars" for Nintendo Switch.

This news in not surprising given that the recent iteration of a Pokemon game, the hit AR mobile game "Pokemon GO," also introduced a fresh take to the game franchise. The Pokemon Company CEO also said that if they will be releasing a Nintendo Switch "Pokemon Stars" might as well do it differently.

"If you are going to give out Pokemon to the Switch," Ishihara discussed, "do not do it the way you have just done." This statement from Ishihara sparked speculations as to what the Nintendo Switch "Pokemon Stars" will look like.

With the recent revelations from the Pokemon Company CEO, fans of the video game franchise are already certain to see a fresh take of the game once it is released for the Nintendo hybrid game console. Fans may, however, have to wait longer for concrete details about the Nintendo Switch "Pokemon Stars" game.

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