'Deadpool 2' Casting Update: 'Stanger Things' Actor Screen Testing For Cable Role [VIDEO]

3 March 2017, 6:30 am EST By Charles Lim Mobile & Apps

New updates have just recently been uncovered regarding the highly awaited superhero sequel movie, "Deadpool 2." Reports are now starting to emerge that points to the possible casting of yet another actor for the role of the time traveling mutant, Cable.

According to The Wrap, sources "with knowledge of the situation" have apparently revealed that 20th Century Fox is now eyeing the "Stanger Things" actor, David Harbour, for the role in the upcoming movie. Harbor currently stars in the hit television series as Police Chief Jim Hopper.

The report further reveals that Harbour has already undergone screen tests for the role of Cable in the upcoming sequel. Fox has yet to issue an official response regarding the reports and reps for the actor have also yet to comment on his alleged involvement in "Deadpool 2."

Aside from Harbour, several other actors have already been eyed to play the iconic role. The line-up includes Stephen Lang, who actually expressed his desire to play the part. Deadpool comic creator, Rob Liefeld, also expressed his desire to have Russell Crowe play the part in "Deadpool 2." The "Gladiator" actor even responded to Liefeld's tweets and joked about how the studio should find a way to make it happen if they really wanted him for the part.

Cable and Deadpool have long been partners in Marvel comics, and cable has been shown in various X-men comic books and animated television shows. The character, also known as Nathan Summers, is a mutant from an alternate future that travels to the present to prevent the disaster that occurred in his timeline. If Cable's real name sounds familiar, it's because he is, in fact, the son of original X-Men member, Scott Summer, a.k.a. Cyclops.

"Deadpool 2" will be directed by David Leitch, replacing the original movie's director, Tim Miller. Miller allegedly exited the project due to creative differences with Ryan Reynolds regarding the sequel casting and how it should be approached. There is, unfortunately, no announcements yet on when the movie will arrive.

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