'Suits' Season 6 News: Season Finale [SPOILERS], Gina Torres To Ger Her Own Pearson Centric Spin Off?

3 March 2017, 5:29 pm EST By Catherine G. Mobile & Apps

The season finale for "Suits" Season 6 was featured this week. Everything is going quite well at Pearson Specter Litt and the conclusion of the season was quite correctly toned.

"Suits" Season 6 depicted Mike Ross getting jailed for fraud. Then, owing to a deal between Harvey Specter and Mike, Mike could plead his case in front of an ethics committee as to why he should be allowed to become a legitimate lawyer- even though he never attended law school! Anita Gibbs had joined the ethics committee in question in a twist of fate and had vowed to never let Mike absolve his previous misrepresentations.

However, Jessica Pearson appeared at the last minute and was able to convince Gibbs of being gentle with Mike. She had been able to dig up some dirt on Gibbs and she played the standard "Jessica" card. Now Mike is a full-fledged lawyer (as he had always hoped to become) teaming up with the spectacular Harvey Specter. Jessica has gone back to Chicago and "Suits" Season 7 is currently under production (after being confirmed).

Now, Jessica Pearson is getting an entire series to herself which will capture her intriguing legal journey. This news was confirmed after Hollywood Reporter interviewed Aaron Korsh, the brains behind "Suits." Originally, it was planned that Torres's character would be killed off following her exit from the show. Now it makes sense why the network decided against such an anticlimactic ending to her saga.

"I'm interested in seeing what's happening with her in the future, and we decided to pursue it. It's very, very early," said Krosh in his interview. "We're in the early process of brainstorming and formulating, but it's so early that we haven't even put into place the parameters under which it would logistically work. That has to come before we can even think creatively about it."

This essentially indicates that a "Suits" spin-off featuring and centered around Jessica Pearson could very well be in the pipeline. We surely hope so, Torres does earn the chance of telling her own story.

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