Apple iPhone 8 Not Likely To Sport Curved Edges? Specs, Price & Other Details Revealed In A New Leak [VIDEO]

1 April 2017, 8:37 am EDT By Vinay Patel Mobile & Apps

The iPhone 8 rumor mill has been up and running at full force despite the lack of an official announcement, while iPhone 8 leaks continue pouring in from all corners. Now, the long-rumored Apple flagship smartphone has surfaced online once again in the form of a leak from JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall.

Apple iPhone 8 Specs, Price & Other Details

Hall shared a note with his clientele divulging details about the specs, price, and design with them. If the alleged note is anything to go by, the iPhone 8 will not sport a curved OLED display identical to the Samsung Galaxy S8, and will not have the Infinity Display effect as the latest buzz around the upcoming smartphone has been indicating.

The report was detailed by 9To5Mac (via Gadgets360) and it suggests that although the display will take a lion's share in the front, it will not feature a curved effect. In other words, the iPhone 8's display won't really be the 'Infinity Display' contrary to early reports.

Hall also spilled the beans about the iPhone 8's price claiming it to be priced around a whopping $1,000, thanks to the advent of OLED displays. There might be a hike in the average selling price of the entire iPhone lineup according to Hall, who remained tight-lipped about the details of the increase in price.

The report also throws light on the specifications of all iPhone models that are slated to launch in 2017. The upcoming iPhone models are expected to pack 3GB of RAM, under the hood. Moreover, suppliers including NAND Flash providers are likely to take advantage of the content increase in the new iPhone.

With leading handset makers are getting rid of the physical home key, the central question is where to put their fingerprint sensors. Several Android handsets are placing one on the back, but Apple may not follow suit as a recently published patent suggests. The patent hints at techniques that would let the sensors to be placed beneath a display.

Name Of The 2017 iPhone

While the hot favorite is iPhone 8, other names the 2017 iteration of the coveted iPhone could come bearing includes the 'iPhone X', 'iPhone Edition' or it may simply carry the iPhone 7S moniker, according to Forbes' contributor, Gordon Kelly.

Product (Red) iPhone In Black

When the first iPhone in the Product (Red) lineup released last week, the colorful option received a mixed reaction. The device does not come with any additional hardware and depends on packaging and sense of charity to clinch the deal.

Much to the dismay of smartphone lovers who have been clamoring for a red and black version, the only option up for grabs on iPhone is a white facia, unless, of course, JerryRigEverything gets his hands on the handset (watch the video shown below).

In other news, the Cupertino tech giant has updated iOS 10.3 this week, with an array of radical changes that consumers may not notice. According to TheVerge's Tom Warren, the technical challenges of the release included shifting the filing system of the iOS gadgets to APFS from HFS+ system.

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