New Samsung Galaxy Ad Takes Pot Shots At Apple And RIM

21 January 2013, 4:44 pm EST By Anu Passary email: Mobile & Apps

Samsung's done it again. The smartphone market leader has released a new advert on YouTube that takes pot-shots at Apple and RIM.

Samsung is looking to promote the "Play hard. Work SAFE" Mantra with the new commercial. The latest ad has a fictitious video game called "Unicorn Apocalypse," which is slated for a launch in four weeks by a video game development company as its premise.

The advert begins with the head of the company saying that employees will now be able to use whatever smartphone they want at work. Post this, you see a guy using a BlackBerry who points to the phone and says "this is business" and mocks his colleague for using a Galaxy Note 2. As expected, there are clever comebacks.

Another woman is shown telling her colleague how having one phone "the GS3" instead of two is better, and that she should "consolidate." However, the colleague refuses to junk her "for work" BlackBerry and "for home" iPhone as she has a "system".

The 90-second video from Samsung is undeniably funny and highlights the trend of smartphones becoming akin to computing devices in most work environments and countries. As people continue to spend more time interacting with their smartphones, they want to opt for a device that they feel helps satiate all their needs and helps get most of the work done.

The ad takes a dig at the iPhone and BlackBerry in true Samsung style, and subtly tries to convey to the consumer that its Galaxy line-up is better suited for both personal and professional purposes, and is the ideal amalgamation.

What's more, in a bid to draw in more business users, Samsung's ad also highlights its smartphone's Security and Feature Enhancements (SAFE) feature, which reinstates that when it comes to hardware, the Korean company takes security seriously. Whether rivals like HTC, Huawei, or even Google end up emulating Samsung's SAFE initiative, remains to be seen.

The Samsung ad ends with the "the next big thing for business is already here" tagline, reinstating its dominance.

Check out the new Samsung advert below.

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