Windows Phone 7.8 Update: New Arrival Date Attained Via Leaked Carrier Email

25 January 2013, 7:32 am EST By Prarthito Maity email: Mobile & Apps

Windows Phone users have more to look out for on the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 update that is expected to roll out soon.

Per reports, while earlier reports stated that the highly anticipated upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 update was expected to arrive on Jan. 31, a brand new leak has actually mentioned that the update could now make its way to supported WP-based smartphones a day earlier, which is Jan. 30.

The new information was brought to the front by WPCentral who managed to get hold of an internal AT&T email that describes the whole plan, as far as the Nokia Lumia 900 is concerned.

The new report says that the approximately hundred-megabyte update will be available to subscribers next Wednesday, and after users tether their handsets to their PCs and start Zune, the transition to WP7.8 can begin.

"Nokia Lumia 900 users on AT&T can look forward to receiving the Windows Phone 7.8 OS update on Wednesday, January 30th-one day earlier than what we were anticipating. Windows Phone Central has learned (via an internal AT&T email) details of the update including that it was approved on January 7th by the carrier," WPCentral writes.

The report further states that the software version will be 2175.2307.8858.12480, with the baseband and kernel versions being and 7.10.8858.136, respectively.

The update is set to add quite a few features as well as fixes. It has been stated that the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 update will bring a new start screen for users, which will be similar to Windows Phone 8.

This new start screen, per the WPCentral, "provides users with more options to personalize their start screen. More tiles can be pinned to the start screen and their sizes can be altered between small, medium, or large. In addition the wide vertical black zone on the far right called the "gutter" has been removed."

Moreover, there will also be the option to personalize the handset with a boatload of colors with users having the freedom to select a new theme color from a host of new colors that have been added to the expanded color pallet.

There's also an improved lock screen accidental wipe protection, marketplace enhancements, quality and security enhancements, API enhancements, and more. Head over here for full list.

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