Apple iOS 6.1 Brings Back Battery Drain Issue; iPhone 5 Users Worst Hit

31 January 2013, 7:53 am EST By Shailesh Shrivastava email: Mobile & Apps

Apple has released its latest mobile operating system iOS 6.1, and with the arrival of the new iOS, comes the problem which every iPhone user is afraid of.

Yes, if you are an iPhone user, you guessed it right; we are talking about battery drain issue which has been troubling most of the iPhone users whenever a new iOS is released.

Just after two days of iOS 6.1's release, users of iPhone 5, 4S, 4, and iPod Touch 5 started posting their problems related to battery drain on Apple's support forum.

"I have noticed an increased amount of draining from my iPhone 4, ever since the new iOS 6.1 was released yesterday morning. I have only used minor iMessaging and my battery has seemed to drop a percentage every two minutes or so just in standby. It is sad to say that the Battery Bugs have not been removed and this problem needs to be resolved. Who else is experiencing drainage?" a user with username Zepelectrified posted.

It wasn't only iPhone 4, iPhone 5 also got the similar problem after updating to iOS 6.1.

"My girlfriends iPhone 5 seems to be draining even worse than 6.0.2, fix the WiFi bug issue and then get battery bugs. Seems a bit backwards," Zepelectrified posted in another comment.

First it was believed that the battery drain is occurring because of the connectivity issues iPhone 5 owners started facing after updating to iOS 6.1. As the phone searches for the network, the use of battery increases leading to a sudden power drain. However, people who kept their phone on airplane mode also experienced steep fall in power status.

"Yes! My Iphone 5 battery is dying very fast after the update. Even in airplane mode and phone in sleep drained abt 6% battery in 2 hours," a user Avnish Pandya reported.

The thread started by Zepelectrified grew only longer with time with users of iPhod Touch 5 and iPad 4.

"Same problem on iPod touch 5. Battery drains much faster," a user posted on Apple's page.

Likewise, an iPad 4 user posted, "I'm experiencing the same problem. My new iPad 4 was able to run 2 hours light use (just browsing non-flash web pages) with battery from 100% to 90%. But I upgraded to ios6.1 and recharged whole night to 100%. Today morning I browsed only 52 minutes the battery became 85%. The back of this iPad is obviously hotter than before. Bad APPLE! I tried to restore to ios6.0.1 but the error 3194 can be solved with all online tips. I'M DISAPPOINTED TO APPLE!"

In the same manner many users on different tech forums have been complaining about the same issue.

Many other users of iOS 6.1 are posting their problems related to issues like not able to come out of recovery mode or other issues that occur during the updates, however, the incidents look isolated.

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