Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Season 2 Spoilers: New Girl Squad Meets Josh’s New Woman In Episode 7; Will Paula And Rebecca Reunite Soon?

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Season 2 Episode 7 features Rebecca and her new squad finding out about the new girl that Josh has been dating with. After their terrible fights, will Paula and Rebecca reunite soon?

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz December 8, 2016

‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Charlotte Forces The Devil To Confess His Love For Chloe In Episode 11? Flashbacks Expected

With Charlotte's disturbing plans, "Lucifer" Season 2 Episode 11 may expose the real reason why the Devil has a hard time staying away from Chloe. But viewers will have to see first the backstory of how Lucifer came to Los Angeles and to Chloe's life.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz December 4, 2016

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 7 Live Stream, Spoilers: What Will Happen To The Carl vs Negan Encounter Based On The Comics

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 7 is about to provide viewers intense comics-based scenes before it is going to have its short hiatus for mid-season break. This episode features the big encounter of Carl and Negan, who is going to be around for eight season.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz December 4, 2016

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Did Hannah Kill Wes? Charlie Weber Confirms Frank’s Innocence

With the cliffhanger in Episode 9 of "How To Get Away With Murder" Season 3, many viewers are left pin pointing characters, including Hannah, who could be Wes' killer. Meanwhile, Charlie Weber talks about his character's emergence and his involvement with the murder.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz December 4, 2016

‘Insidious: Chapter 4’ Update: Discover Elise’s Haunting Journey In New Mexico; Part 5 Already Expected

"Insidious: Chapter 4" is bound to uncover the journey of Elise in New Mexico and her team up with Specs and Tucker after the end of the 3rd installment. Meanwhile, it is also speculated that Chapter 4 may not be the last installment of the famous horror franchise.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz December 4, 2016

‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: Smallville Crossover Almost Happened? Sam And Dean In Chase Of Lotus In Episode 8

After escaping from the rock star avatar in Episode 7, Lucifer is now in deal with the President of the United States in "Supernatural" Season 12 Episode 8. Meanwhile, writer of the hit haunting series revealed that the show almost had a crossover with "Smallville."

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz December 4, 2016

‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Season 4 Continues Eli’s Darkhold Mystery In Episode 8; Will Ghost Rider Stay For Long?

"Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 Episode 8 will feature the team up of Ghost Rider and the Agents team to save the lives of the residents in Los Angeles. The latest episode will also continue the darkhold mystery that Eli exploits.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz December 2, 2016

Is ‘Iron Woman’ Still Possible After Marvel Confirms ‘Iron Man 4’ For Robert Downey Jr.?

Changes in Marvel Cinematic Universe are inevitable, but Marvel does not want to move on specifically when it comes to "Iron Man 4" recasting. Despite Robert Downey Jr.'s current contract situation, Marvel President Kevin Feige cannot envision yet another actor portraying Tony Stark.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz November 30, 2016

James Bond Daniel Craig Gets Thumbs Up From Fellow 007 Star Roger Moore; Next Possible Plot Teased

Apart from expressing his excitement to return to "James Bond" movie for a cameo role only, Roger Moore Daniel Craig and Sean Connery for playing 007. While the future Bond movie is yet to be released, its possible storyline is being discussed.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz November 29, 2016

‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Dr. Jacob Carlisle To Make The Devil’s World Upside Down? Charlotte Uses Amenadiel In Episode 10

After Chloe almost blew herself up in the previous episode of "Lucifer" Season 2, the Devil may have figured out the dirty plan of her mother as Charlotte turns to Amenadiel in Episode 10. New character, Dr. Jacob Carlisle, is set to make the life of somebody that the Devil cares about at risk.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz November 28, 2016

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 3 Spoilers: Annalise To Discover Wes’ Baby To Laurel In Episode 10? Did The Mahoneys Kill Wes?

The next episodes of "How To Get Away With Murder" Season 3 in 2017 will deal with the events that transpired in Episode 9. While in search for the murderer of her surrogate son, she may discover that Laurel is pregnant with Wes' child and the possible involvement of the Mahoney family.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz November 28, 2016

‘The Vampire Diaries,’ ‘The Originals’ Crossover Already Happening As Matt Davis To Stay Permanently In Season 4? Big Bad Cade To Arrive In Mystic Falls

Alaric of "The Vampire Diaries" is said to appear in the Episode 8 of "The Originals" Season 4. This decision is made when the newest Big Bad arrives at Mystic Falls and puts the lives of his twin daughters at risk.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz November 25, 2016

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 4: Everyone In Search For The Missing Members; Is Grid The Gestating Inhuman In Episode 7?

"Agents of SHIELD" Season 4 Episode 7 will see the aftermath of the disappearance of several team members. The quarantined gestating human in mid-Terrrigenesis is speculated to be Grid, which may be played by actor Manish Dayal.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz November 24, 2016

‘Scorpion’ Season 3: Paige & Veronica Bond In Episode 9 Disappoints Viewers? Walter Dives In The Pits In Episode 10

"The Motherload" episode with Paige and Veronica's confrontation in "Scorpion" Season 3 is said to have failed to live up to viewers' expectation. Still, episode 10 promises a fun chapter as Walter swims in the pits to save a soul.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz November 24, 2016

‘Supergirl’, ‘The Arrow’, ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, ‘The Flash’ Crossover Synopsis Released; Official Posters Dish Some Exciting Details

The CW is about to begin the anticipated "Supergirl," "The Arrow," "Legends of Tomorrow," "The Flash" crossover entitled "Heroes vs. Aliens," which kicks off in the final moments of the "Supergirl" November 28 episode.

Paulo Kevin Dela Cruz November 23, 2016

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