Apple iOS 10.3

Apple iOS 10.3 Secret Keyboards For Upcoming iPad? Gesture-Based Similar To Google & Floating Keyboard

When Apple iOS 10.2.1 made the existing bugs worse and introduced new ones, a lot of pressure was handed over to its successor, iOS 10.3.

Apple iOS 10.3 February 16, 2017

Apple To Terminate 32-Bit Support In Upcoming iOS; iPhone 5 Rendered Obsolete?

The latest Apple iOS 10.3 beta comes with a notification that hints Apple may be dropping 32-bit support soon. Would this make 32-bit Apple devices obsolete?

Apple iOS 10.3 February 3, 2017

iOS 10. 3: Top New Features You Should Know; Should You Upgrade? [VIDEO]

Apple on Tuesday released the company's new operating system for iPhone and iPad.

Apple iOS 10.3 January 26, 2017

Apple iOS 10.3 Update To Introduce Theatre Mode

Upcoming iOS update may be coming soon for iPhone users this month along with a new feature.

Apple iOS 10.3 January 4, 2017

Apple's iOS 10.3 Update: A Brand New Feature And Possible Fix For The 30 Percent Bug

Apple iOS 10.3 will have a brand new feature and a possible fix for the 30 percent bug.

Apple iOS 10.3 January 2, 2017

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