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'For Honor' Review: Multiplayer Mode Is A Dream Come True, Single Player Not Upto The Mark

"For Honor" is a complete martial arts game, a mix-up emotion of warriors who use their abilities and resources to conquer the conflicts. The multi-player mode has indeed been a great success, while the single player mode is not entirely convincing.

For Honor news February 24, 2017

‘For Honor’ Gameplay Guide: Level Up Fast Thru Reputation System; Here’s How [VIDEO]

“For Honor” players can level up fast by using challenging mechanics thru the Reputation System. Here’s how to gain Reputation points.

For Honor news February 20, 2017

'For Honor' Gets Early Release In Other Countries; Massive Multiplayer Battle In Canada Set

There are reports that other countries have already released For Honor earlier than the said release date.

For Honor news February 9, 2017

‘For Honor’ Beta Update: Start Times & Pre-Load Guide Discussed; PS4 Limitations Solved

“For Honor” is set to launch on Feb. 14 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, Ubisoft has already revealed the beta start times and pre-load guide ahead of the launch. The studio has confirmed that the start times won’t vary but begin in unison. Thus, gamers won’t have to wait around on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

For Honor news February 9, 2017

How To Fix ‘For Honor’ Beta Issues On PS4, Xbox One And PC

Here are a few fixes for known issues on "For Honor" closed beta.

For Honor news January 28, 2017

Connectivity Problems Plagued 'For Honor' During Closed Beta; Players Can't Access Ubisoft's Server

"For Honor" players are facing two problems in joining the close beta as it starts yesterday. Ubisoft's era warfare-themed offering requires players to connect through their console's online service and to the publisher's as well.

For Honor news January 27, 2017

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