'For Honor' Review: Multiplayer Mode Is A Dream Come True, Single Player Not Upto The Mark

24 February 2017, 7:40 am EST By Hemal Vora Mobile & Apps

"For Honor" is a complete martial arts game, a mix-up emotion of warriors who use their abilities and resources to conquer the conflicts. The multi-player mode has indeed been a great success, while the single player mode is not entirely convincing.

'For Honor' Has Three Factions

The game begins in an Apocalyptic ambiance, where the players have to choose their role of either being a Knight or a Samurai or the Vikings. The game offers a complete range of character customization and the variety of play-styles. Hence, players can choose their faction and go on to conquer the "For Honor" world, as reported by Pocket-lint.

A Brutal Battle Shed Simulation Game

The game is competitive, and players need to combat and wage war against the enemies to level up and acquire more powers, access war collectibles, special moves, warriors and more. The initial training system is a lot of fun compared to the bloody battle shed. The game is like a melee battle simulator, where players need to fight through the game to level up, grab war loots; gain access to new weapons, armors, and other items.

No Technical Issues So Far

There has not been any network issues or technical difficulties in the game so far. The characters have been built with the physical grace that one can see in an actual warrior. The combat itself is bloody, brutal and highly physical that it makes each encounter seem like an epic experience, as reported by The Independent.

The single player mode is not as convincing as the multi-player mode. This is because, in a war like set up with huge amounts of visual effects, players are more attracted to lead their army into the battle and kill anyone who came their way. Playing combat in a war environment, though with a wide range of character customization, looks less appealing compared to a battleground filled with warriors. However, any player who takes fighting and battles seriously, "For Honor" is a hell of a fascinating game.

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