‘For Honor’ Accounts Getting Banned For No Reason Upsets Players; Faulty Ubisoft Servers or EAC Bug?

27 February 2017, 8:20 am EST By Arianne Gift Mobile & Apps

"For Honor" had been out of the box for merely more than a week or so, but already, players are giving up on the game for various reasons. Bans and EAC errors are randomly getting handed to innocent accounts, including to those who don't own the game yet.

While "For Honor" has had its good amount of amazing reviews from various publications like Polygon, the backlash started when server issues plagued the game. connectivity issues have been reported by players and its servers were lagging and kept disconnecting. According to Gamespresso, the game's multiplayer mode and best ammunition were rendered useless because of its faulty servers. In fact, yesterday, Feb. 26, there had been another outage, as confirmed by the games official Twitter account.

Apart from "For Honor's" server issues, widespread reports of accounts getting banned are rocking the internet. Suspensions and random bans are getting handed to innocent players. What's worse is that those who are yet to own a copy are already receiving vans through their emails.

Take the case of Redditor and "For Honor" player GoGoSpaceMan, who took to the platform to express his contempt over getting banned even though he has yet to play the game. Apparently, he has been getting the error code from EasyAntiCheat 0006000043 every time he started joining a game, so when he got wind of a hotfix coming to For Honor this week, he thought his problems will soon be over and he could finally get to play For Honor. But after the hotfix rolled out, he gets banned. Another Reddit user tmlorfing, who happens to be a "For Honor" open beta player, has been handed a permanent suspension, and he's does not even own the game yet.

Ubisoft hasn't given out an official statement regarding the issue yet, but MEricPope has posted on Reddit, on behalf of the "For Honor" team. "If you have received a message from Ubisoft saying you've been banned from the game, and feel this is in error, absolutely contact Customer Support (http://support.ubi.com) first."

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